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Our Services

We bring agile software development to the Department of Defense and our team has been doing it for a long time. Whether it's Enterprise Architecture, Requirements Development, Data Modeling, Rapid Prototyping, Sensor Integration, Geospatial Information Systems, or Systems Integration, we can help. Our work covers a variety of Open Source and Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product suites and leverages a variety of languages. We don't know everything, but what we do, we know well.

Software Development

This is where we shine. Whether its developing custom applications or extending Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software, we meet our customer's needs at every stage.


Architecture is extremely important from the single application to the large enterprise. Good architecture yields quicker implementation, scalability, and bulletproof applications.

Geospatial Engineering

GIS can be tough to navigate (pun intended). Our experts have extensive experience developing advanced geospatial functionality for Federal and commercial applications.

Program Management

Managing an IT development program can be like herding cats. We have the processes and experience to keep everything moving in the right direction.


Domain Specialists

Experience matters. Our consultants have vast experience in the Public and Private sectors. Drop us a note to find out more.

UI Design

Poor user experience can ruin even the most comprehensive algorithms. We're full-stack engineers, and we get both sides.

Systems Integration

Every organization, small and large alike, have different systems they wish worked better together. Having the right integrations can make all of the difference.


Enable your organization to innovate seamlessly and quickly through automated systems and agile processes.

About Us

Zaes was founded in 2018 to break free of the traditional corporate culture and create one that focuses on its people and its customers. It's our philosophy that if you take care of those two, they will take care of you, the rest is just details. Why can't you bring some personality to the work that you do?

How We Work

Zaes professionals operate from a telecommuting/virtual work environment, with occasional support on customer sites. With this structure, we are not constrained by geographic location in the selection of the highest qualified individuals to serve our customers.  Zaes leverages the latest technology and processes to securely, efficiently and economically develop software and manage programs. If you are a self-motivated, highly efficient individual, please reach out.

What We Do

We develop software. We listen. We advise on what we know, not what we don’t. We are agile. We speak DoD, JAVA, GIS, C2, .NET and a whole bunch of other uppercase letters. We are Certified Scrum Masters. We are honest, good or bad. We are subject matter experts. We are Zaes.

Why Choose Us

This is the part where we convince you, but that is not going to happen in three sentences. Remember, it's all about relationships, so let's have a conversation.

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